Dedicated Team

Here is Our Professional Team

Lucas Jensen

CEO and Founder:
Responsible for overall company strategy and direction, oversees acquisitions and investor relations.

Maria Kozlov

Chief Financial Officer:
Responsible for managing the company's finances and financial reporting, investor relations, and financial planning and analysis.

Henrik Bjornsson

Director of Acquisitions:
Responsible for sourcing and evaluating potential acquisition opportunities, negotiating deals, and overseeing due diligence.

Sofia Ivanova

Director of Asset Management:
Responsible for managing the company's portfolio of properties, overseeing property management, leasing, and tenant relations.

Oliver Schmidt

Director of Construction:
Responsible for overseeing all construction and renovation projects, managing budgets and timelines, and ensuring quality control.

Isabella Mueller

Director of Marketing:
Responsible for developing and implementing the company's marketing strategy, managing the company's brand and online presence, and overseeing all marketing campaigns and initiatives.

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